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Publieksprijs - 15 t/m 21 april


Finaleshow - 25 april


Yessi Permata Bulo

Yessi Permata Bulo


Yessi Permata Bulo (22 jaar)


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My name is Yessi. I am originally from Indonesia and studying in the Netherlands currently. I am a singer since I was kid. My mom leads me to develop my talent in singing since around 5 years old. After I went to high school, my dad lead me to study properly but in the bottom of my heart I am always thinking to develop my talent more in the future and I think I will be more happy to be a singer also.
That's why I will follow this audition to realise my dream also because in the bottom of my heart I want to realise my dream as a singer who can make others enjoy the music too by listening I sing in the future.

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